Leadership Summit and (Beta) Founder’s Day

There is a meeting for Leadership Summit attendees and folks that are participating in the Founder’s Day Service Project on October 24th right after school in the library.  Remember that the activity buses now leave at 5:30 instead of 5:45, so please arrange pick up times accordingly if you do not ride a bus.

Induction Tonight

Don’t forget!  If you are planning to stay straight through from practice to the ceremony, plan on bringing $5 for pizza.

Practice should be finished by 4 PM.  You are welcome to go home in between as long you are back by 5:30.

You Guys ROCKED the Snap-Raise Fundraiser!!!

Thank you Betas AND Beta families for your participation in our snap-raise on-line fundraiser.  We receive 70% of the funds raised, so that means we netted $2,140.30!!!!

This money will go toward the rooms and food at the Virginia State Beta Convention.  This will make it much more affordable to attend for everyone!

YOU GUYS ROCKED IT!!  If you earned an incentive, it should arrive in 2 weeks.  We’ve attached the final fundraiser breakdown.
Snap Raise! Final Breakdown with Profit

Welcome back!

Welcome to the start of a NEW BETA YEAR!

We will miss Mrs. Marino who moved to Minnesota this past summer, and we are so excited to welcome Mrs. Kimberly Kelly as our new co sponsor!

Our first meeting of the year is August 21st in the library right after school.  Please see Mrs. Kline if you cannot attend due to a sporting event.

Upcoming Events

TBD-Spirit Night at Mi Jaliso

May 9th-Tupperware Fundraiser packets are due
May 10th-10 AM deadline to decide if you are going to Disney or Universal.                   Disney Ticket order will be placed at 1:00 PM.
May 15th-All items for “Grab and Go” bags due (Items could include:                          individually wrapped snacks, water bottles, nutrigrain bars, non                  refrigerated ready to eat meals.)
May 21st-Making Breakfast at the Ronald McDonald House in Richmond
May 22nd-National Convention Parent Meeting 6:00 PM
May 27th-10 AM- 3 PM Car Wash at the Ladysmith Advance Auto Parts
June 3-10 AM-2 PM-Car, Truck and Bike Show at CHS to benefit the                       family of Aaliyah Lopez
-Car Wash at CHS
June 27th-July 2nd-National Convention in Orlando
July 12-15-Volunteering at the Caroline County Agricultural Fair

Upcoming Events

April 7th-Teachers vs Students Basketball Game (during 4th period)
April 8th-Cleaning Project at the Ronald McDonald House in Richmond (Monument Ave)
April 22nd-Beta Community Yard Sale
April 26th-Meet in the Middle (during school-assist/cheering/buddies)
April 29th-5k run/walk in Bowling Green (You can sign up to run/walk OR to help)