Snap-Raise! (netted $2,140.30)
Snap Raise! Final Breakdown with Profit
The money from this event will go toward the rooms and part of food for the Virginia State Senior Beta Convention in February.

Old Fashioned Candy Fall (netted $1,000)
During the summit, our Betas are busy morning to night.  We elected to go up the afternoon before the summit began so that the kids could enjoy some of the amenities.  These funds helped to pay for transportation as well as part of the the 2nd night at GWL.

Away-side Baked Goods Stand  (active now)
home varsity football games only:
9/8 ($26), 10/6 HOMECOMING ($43)
This money will go toward the transportation costs to and from the Leadership Summit

Chocolate Roses/lollipops for Valentine’s Day (February 1-12)
This money will go toward transportation costs to and from states.

Student/Teacher Basketball Game (March 30th)
This money goes toward the cost of the nationals trip.

Tupperware (April 1st-12th)