Pennies for Patients

The club challenged each CHS 1st period class to donate as much change as possible for this project benefitting Richmond Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.   The competition was based on the weight of the change collected. As a whole, CHS faculty, staff, parents and students brought in 145.5 lbs of change equaling $455.23.

Congratulations to Mr. Echard’s 1st period.  They won the challenge with 45.5 lbs.

Thank you, CHS, for your generous giving!


Up-coming Events

Mark your calendars!!
9/26-CHS Fall Fun Day/Color Run (Those who signed up need to meet Mrs. Kline in the teacher parking lot at 8AM.  Everyone must be picked up from the event at 11 AM)
9/28-10-2-Pennies for Patients Classroom Competition (during 1st period)
9/30-Home football game concessions (check to see if you signed up for baking or selling)
10/3-Russell Stover’s Fundraiser (9AM-12 noon-Everyone must be picked up at noon.)
10/5-10/15-Virginia Diner Fundraiser

Upcoming Community Service Projects

  1. Serving Dinner/Clean up (Oct. 30, 2014-4:30 PM)
  2. Bakers/Sellers (FB game Oct. 31, 2014-6:30 PM)
  3. Russell Stover Fundraiser (Dec. 13, 2014-11AM-2PM)
  4. Crafts/Caroling at Barnes & Noble-VCC (Dec. 14th, 2014-10AM-3PM)
  5. Pennies for Patients (Jan. 12-20, 2015)
  6. Goodwill Tour/Service (date/time TBA)

Check you Community Service Hours!  Each of these upcoming events will help you reach your goal of 20 hours of service before the State Convention!